Elektra Right Portrait Art
Elektra Natchios is of Greek ancestry and was raised by her diplomat father after her mother was shot while pregnant and died not long after giving birth to Elektra. When her father accepted a job as Greek ambassador to the United States, she became a student at Columbia University, and it was there that she met and fell in love with Matt Murdock a.k.a DAREDEVIL. When a hostage situation took place on campus with her father there, Matt (Daredevil) intervened and tried to save him but it was too late, and he died in front of Elektra. Stricken with grief, Elektra left Matthew and the U.S.

After fleeing the U.S., Elektra, who is skilled in martial arts, continued more training as a ninja in hopes to ease her pain of grief. She sought training by Matt’s own mentor, Stick, but the darkness she carried with her caused Elektra to be kicked out of Stick’s membership, driving her to become an assassin for hire with Stick’s enemy, THE HAND, which is an order of assassins. After becoming an assassin, Elektra’s mobile status led her back to New York City and to Matthew (Daredevil). The former lovers became enemies, but despite their feud, Elektra soon crossed paths with Bullseye, and he impaled her with one of her Sais, leading her to die in Matt’s arms.

After Elektra’s death, Matthew and Stick sought out The Hand in an attempt to prevent them from resurrecting Elektra and having claims to her soul. Elektra was resurrected but Matthew’s love for her purified Elektra’s soul, making her an enemy to The Hand; however, it is unknown if Elektra’s path will lead her to heroism or villainy; as she stays neutral.