Following his fight with Nobu and enduring severe injuries from said fight and surviving a follow-up attack by Wilson Fisk, Matt Murdock decided that he needed more durable and protective garments. When he attempted to kill Fisk for his involvement in the death of Elena Cardenas, he discovered that Fisk wore a body armor that protected him from being stabbed or cut, while at the same time function as light weight clothing. As he recovered from the severe injuries and remembered how Father Lantom described the devil as being created to be a symbol of fear and guide people to the path of righteousness. With that in mind Murdock set out to find the hoodlum Turk Barrett, and through interrogation learned where to find the maker of Fisk’s suit, Melvin Potter.

Upon confronting Potter in his workshop, the two engaged in a fierce brawl. Despite still recovering from his fight with Nobu, Murdock came out triumphant. Upon his victory, he listened to Potter’s story of having to serve Fisk or else have Betsy Beatty, a woman that he cared for deeply, be injured. Sympathizing with Potter, Matt promised to stop Fisk in exchange for “a symbol” made from the material that Fisk’s suit had been constructed out of.