Matthew Michael Murdock is the only child raised by a boxer,

"Battling" Jack Murdock in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. While raising young Matthew, Jack taught Matthew to succeed so he would not end up like his father. At a tender age, young Matthew lost his father to murder due to refusing to throw a fight because he did not want to lose a fight with Matthew in the audience cheering him on. As a child, Matthew attempted to help a blind man who was about to be hit by a truck, Matthew saved him; however, the truck crashed, along with radioactive chemicals that splashed Matthew all over his face, especially his eyes. With nothing the doctors could do, Matthew became blind, but his remaining senses were enhanced to a superhuman level; eventually, leading Matthew to have built-in radar sense, allowing him to detect his surroundings of his environment. When Matthew became overwhelmed by his powers, he sought help from former Ninja master, Stick, who is also a blind man, and he helped Matthew to control his enhanced abilities. After the death of his father, Matthew achieved his goals by focusing on school and became a successful lawyer. Fortunately, becoming a prosecutor was not enough, so Matthew adopted the costumed identity of DAREDEVIL, the MAN WITHOUT FEAR. And with this alter ego, Matthew was able to track down his father’s killer, The Fixer, and bring him to justice after putting a hit on Matthew’s father. References